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Give your child the best start in life

Your unconditional gift helps Haselfre Foundation give every child a solid early childhood foundation when it matters the most

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When a child does not get proper access to health & learning systems, parts of childhood can slip away. The Early Childhood Fund brings joy into the lives of children and hastens development. You help kids be kids.

“Your kindness helped give us birthdays, soccer ball games, preschool, kindergarten, today and beyond.”

Padma, Mom of Anupriya

Support every family

For many families, Haselfre Foundation offers the last hope to give their child the foundation they need. Your gift eases their burden, and supports them in unimaginable ways.

Neela`s story
“Neela was born a beautiful smile on her face, funny and full of life. By her second birthday, though, her parents wanted more for her. They wanted her to be healthy and gain an education like all the kids in the big cities. Luckily her school started the ECD program from Haselfre Foundation, and our family changed in ways I couldn’t imagine."

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of families can enjoy health & learning systems as per international standards, regardless of ability to pay

Conquer every barrier

We're home to the most innovative early childhood research center in the nation. We find solutions others can't. Then, we share our discoveries with the world. Your gift helps save lives.

“If it was going to help her get an incredible education and be healthy, then we had to enrol her in this program? This was better than any private school where we live. Without Haselfre Foundation she wouldn't be here.”

Neela’s mother

#1 Early Childhood Development System in the Country

Dr. Janardhan and Haselfre Foundation has been quietly giving every child a solid early childhood foundation, in India for 40 years. With reach in over 91 districts and 19 states in India, we find a way to give children an early childhood when others can't.

Our most vital fund, The Early Childhood Fund empowers us to respond to a changing world with one goal: to give every child a solid early childhood foundation. Your gift provides essential support and shows faith in our mission. Every penny goes directly to supporting Haselfre Foundation’s lifesaving work for children and families.

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