Learn more about how you can help children gain a solid early childhood foundation in health & education now more than ever.

Contribute to giving children the best start in life. Your support can enable millions of children to continue gaining a solid foundation in health & well-being and learning. You can equip schools, parents in remote and rural areas with tools to support their child’s health & well-being and learning, and support governments and civil society with meaningful data to drive decisions. A young child reach his or her milestones, protect them from developmental delays, reach their milestones, and take early action when it matters most.

Even as the world is in the middle of a pandemic, Haselfre Foundation continues to move forward with your support. Adapting to these challenging times, we are using technology to ensure we reach children.

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Setting up an early childhood center in Government Schools Making the center ready with physical infrastructure (chairs, tables and more) Getting the center tech ready (with tablets and internet for every child) Conducting teacher training Providing the early childhood system through the cloud

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