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COVID-19: How you can help

Give to the “Humanitarian Action For Children – Early Childhood Fund”

Haselfre Foundation’s Response to COVID-19

Over the past decade, Dr. Janardhan, IAS; Regional Advisor, United Nations, and Founder Trustee, Haselfre Foundation (Public Charitable Trust) has worked at scale across India to address the early childhood crisis facing the nation’s children.

Today, as we confront an unprecedented challenge, we are leveraging our experience and agility to navigate the pandemic and fulfil our mission. ‘Prevent the Preventable’

Covid-19 Impact On Early Childhood Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a devastating impact on the early childhood development of millions of children in India.

Your unconditional gift helps Haselfre Foundation give every child a solid early childhood foundation
when it matters the most.

COVID-19: How you can help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Your support will help us meet the growing needs of our children and families in the following ways.
Give to where it is most needed today.

COVID-19 Communication, Training & Capacity Building for Parents, Teachers, Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 Protection Systems

Inter-connected Health & Well-Being and Learning Systems

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

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Dr. Janardhan and Haselfre Foundation have been quietly giving every child a solid early childhood foundation, in India for a decade. With reach in over 91 districts and 19 states in India, we find a way to give children an early childhood when others can’t.

Our most vital fund, The Early Childhood Fund empowers us to respond to a changing world with one goal: to give every child a solid early childhood foundation. Your gift provides essential support and shows faith in our mission. Every penny goes directly to supporting Haselfre Foundation’s lifesaving work for children and families.

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