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Committed to giving children a solid early childhood foundation now, more than ever.

About Haselfre Foundation

Learn more about Haselfre Foundation and it’s early childhood development program dedicated to giving children a solid foundation in health & well-being and learning.

Who We Are

Created in 2011, Haselfre Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust founded by Dr. Nadadur Janardhan, IAS (Retired) and former Regional Advisor, United Nations.

What We Do

Our team works with governments, schools, individuals, families, foundations, and corporations to advance the foundation’s early childhood development programs, research, training, and community early childhood initiatives.

Vision & Mission

To give every child in rural India, a solid early childhood foundation and  a happy start to their lives.


Haselfre Foundation’s values are the basis of our culture and operations. They define who we are, guide expected behaviors at all levels of the organization, and provide the framework for how we interact with our children, families, and colleagues. Our values are:

“Care” has been embedded in our DNA from the start. Haselfre Foundation was founded in 2011 to care for children deprived of early health and learning foundations due to extreme poverty. Today, we care for, and support, children, all over India to gain the best start in life. This care must extend to each other as often work in extremely stressful environments.
Our programs can only be effective if the recipients of our support, children, families and communities, feel understood and respected, and if we pay our colleagues at all levels the same respect that we want for ourselves.
Because Haselfre Foundation’s reputation depends on all of us acting with honesty and transparency, and setting the highest standards for ourselves as we work with our partners, donors and the global community.
Because we cannot deliver effective programs if communities do not believe that we are acting with their best interests at heart, and if we do not trust one another to do the right thing at all times.
Because public and private philanthropic donors, as well as children, families and communities, deserve to know how Haselfre Foundation’s programs are run, how resources are spent, and how results are being achieved.


Join Our Mission

Whether you participate in an event, create a fundraiser, or make a gift, you’re helping Haselfre Foundation give every child in rural India an early childhood foundation. Learn about our most vital fund: the Early Childhood Fund.